Ministry Leaders

Sister Nikki Booker

Sister Nikki Booker

Sister Nikki Booker serves as the leader of the Teen Ministry for New Beginnings.

She has a passion for this age group as she is able to relate to the self-esteem and peer pressure issues they face in today’s society. She is very protective of the teens at our church and remains constant in her stance that “You are part of the Teen Ministry until you reach age 21 at New Beginnings!” She is also committed to serving the teens in our new community by developing programs to get them involved in our church activities.

Sis Booker is also a member of the Shepherd’s Love Committee and the Mentee Ministry.

Sister Nikki Booker is New Beginnings’ Event Decor Coordinator. Nikki is truly gifted in this area. She is a corporate events coordinator and travels internationally ensuring corporate events take-off without a hitch. Sis. Booker has been committed to New Beginnings for many years and we are blessed to have on our team of ministry leaders.


 Trustee Avery Booker


Trustee Avery Booker is a member of the Trustee Board and Financial Ministry. He has been a member of New Beginnings since 2000. Trustee Booker is truly committed to his pastors and works to assure that our accounting procedures are accurate.

Trustee Booker is also a member of the Mentee Ministry.

Sister Eva Catron

Sister Eva Catron

Sister Catron has been a member of New Beginnings Full Gospel Church for 13 years. She has been married for 40 year and have 2 sons and 2 grandsons. She is responsible for the Shepherd Love Ministry for our pastors; the Marriage Ministry, the Nurses Ministry, the Mentee Ministry. In addition, Sister Catron is the Sunday School Teacher for the Pre-School Sunday-School Class. She loves the Lord and I loves her church.

Mother Mary Murphy

Mother Mary Murphy

Mother Mary Murphy is one of our treasured mothers. She assists in preparing communion each month. Mother Murphy is the mother of 8 adult children. She loves to praise the Lord and she loves her church family.

 Sister Carol Reed Dean


Sister Carol Reed Dean is a charter member of New Beginnings and is responsible for the Praise Dancers. As a Mortgage Broker, Sister Dean worked tirelessly to ensure we found a church home and her efforts through God’s guidance resulted in the purchase of our first church home.

Sister Dean has a heart of gold standing ready to help those in her path any way she can.

Trustee Thurmon Walker


Trustee Thurmon Walker serves as one of our Trustees, and he truly believes in the power of prayer. Before giving his life to the Lord, Trustee Walker hit rock bottom losing home, job, car, and family to drugs. When many people gave up on him as a hopeless case, his mother, Essie Mae Leaks, prayed and spoke life over him. Because of her commitment, faith, and trust in the Lord, Thurmon is saved today. Not only is he saved, but God restored everything back to him.

Brother Calvin Whittaker

Brother Calvin Whittaker

Bassist / Band Leader

Calvin P. Whittaker had always known, even from childhood, that he’d be involved in music somehow, though he initially thought he would wind up a singer. He loved to sing, and cites Michael Jackson as his first real musical influence. Calvin became interested in the bass while attending Hyde Park High School in Chicago and has been committed to that instrument since that time.

Calvin has been featured on three full recordings, and one single to date, including “Whatever You Want, God’s Got It”, by Walter Howard and the Dedicated to Christ Ensemble, “I Want To Sing For You”, by Evangelist Jannice D. White, “Enter The Jazz Matrix”, by The Jazz Matrix(featuring some of his own compositions), and in July, 2007, Calvin released his first solo project, “Deep Inside”.Calvin has also performed at such events as the 1996 Gospel Festival in Chicago and many others.

Calvin has a passion for music is the bassist for New Beginnings and has been a member for over 10 years.

Sister Ida Marshall

Sister Ida currently serves as our Missions Ministry Coordinator.  God has given her a heart for the people of God and the work of God. She assists with Vacation Bible School and she does whatever her hands find to do heartily as unto the Lord.

Sister Takisha Jackson 

Sister Takisha Jackson is the Ministry Leader for the New Beginnings Dance Ministry.  She has been dancing for the Lord for several years and is committed to offering her temple as a living sacrifice to prepare an atmosphere of worship to the glory of God. The purpose of the NBC Dance Ministry is to magnify the name of the Lord through dance.

Elder Darnell Russell

An Elder with a servant’s heart, Elder Russell has served the Lord’s church for many years in several capacities including prayer and tending to the House of the Lord.  NBC is honored to have a man of his caliber be part of our ministry.

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